Getting NYC's street milling data

(Noel Hidalgo) #1

Last week, on first ave between 14th and 15th street, I saw a cyclist go down because of rough roads. Sadly, there was no sign warning of rough road nor construction in the bike lane. After biking these streets for 11 years, I know these incidents are preventable.

I believe if the NYC DOT released machine readable street milling data, cyclists could have notification systems to take detours. At the very least, cyclists would know which roads NOT to take, and for how long…

Last week, I tweeted with the DOT and they said I would have to mail the Commissioner. So I just did. This week, @jooltman made the same ask.

If you are a cyclist and interested in getting NYC’s street milling data released, please mail the Commissioner. By spring, I hope we can build

(Dirk Kelly) #2

Yaya, safe streets for cyclists and open data


Noel, thanks for the call-to-action. This is extremely aggravating to me as well, as a cyclist that lives in the neighborhood.

Here’s my message body if anyone would like to copy-paste:

I kindly request that the DOT produce its street milling data in a machine-readable format.

Last week, 1st Ave between 14th and 15th was exposed and I heard of several cyclists that nearly crashed due to the unexpected rough road conditions.

By releasing this data in a machine-readable format, it could be integrated into mobile application and maps in order to alert the public to which streets are being milled and when they will be unpaved.

(Lauren Rennée) #4

Thanks to all of you, this took me less than 30 seconds to do.

(bahij) #5

In addition to the machine readable milling and paving schedule I would love to see the DOT release a repainting schedule. The recently repaved streets often sit unmarked for weeks. I and others have submitted this request to the DOT multiple times. Hopefully having both be public and machine readable will help get them in sync.

(Noel Hidalgo) #6

@bahijnyc that is a great ask!!! where bike lanes are only ink on the pavement, this means quite a bit… Does the DOT list when streets will get painted?

(bahij) #7

@noneck The DOT doesn’t release any painting schedule at all now. We have requested one multiple times, but we should amend our ask for both to be machine readable.