Forked my PLUTO downloader for 311 data

(Chris Whong) #1

For those who can’t stand the New York City Open Data Portal’s UI, here’s a cartoDB-powered download tool for NYC 311 data. You simply choose the geographic area you want data from, then export as CSV, SHP, geoJSON, or “open in cartoDB”.

For now it only has the previous 30 days of data and is updated once per day. Eventually I will have it go back further in time, but a 30 day sync was simple enough to implement quickly.

Some other To-Dos:

  • Add Council Districts and Community Districts (easy)
  • Add a time slider to choose a time range
  • Add a column selector to choose only certain columns

If there’s something else you want to see, open an issue here. Pull requests are welcome.

Why? Ironically, the open data portal isn’t very easy to get data out of, especially with 311. The 2010 to Present dataset is a multi-GB download with over 7 million records, and unless you can figure out Socrata’s clunky Filter UI, the average data consumer will find themselves wanting. I build simple, open-source data access tools to help people get the data they want, fast.