February 8-10 2019 - Hack The Solar System - American Museum of Natural History

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Hey civic hackers! The annual hackathon at the American Museum of Natural History is back for its fifth year, and we’d like to invite all of you to attend the “Hack The Solar System” challenge as we hack science and science education beneath the Hayden Planetarium. Once again the event will run overnight (though there is no requirement to stay through the night), during the weekend of February 8-10, 2019.

Past participants have called the Museum hackathon “the best hackathon EVER”… spend a night at the museum working directly with curators and scientists, get a behind-the-scenes tour, and sleep among the exhibits! This year’s theme is our solar system, with challenges posed by the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences in machine learning, image processing, computer vision, GIS, 3D modeling, game engine physics, and graphics processing. The event takes place Saturday, February 9th overnight until Sunday, February 10th, with a mandatory orientation on Friday, February 8th. We are only accepting 100 applicants and we have nearly 150 applied so far, so don’t delay - sign up now: