Ethics of Accessible Infrastructure

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(The People's Roadmap Moderator) #1

Ethics of Accessible Infrastructure emerged as an Accessible Infrastructure topic area at The People’s Roadmap Workshop – Brooklyn Edition (October 19, 2017). Use this thread to continue that discussion!

Community thoughts about Current State

  • Run by disparate conflicting motives
  • Monopoly! Few choices for internet service providers
  • LinkNYC is the only ubiquitous free internet
  • Network neutrality is going by the wayside
  • Lack of privacy issues that those who rely solely on public wifi hubs for internet access…
  • LinkNYC always spies on me. How do I opt out?
  • LinkNYC accessible wifi
  • Wifi Kiosks (LinkNYC)
  • Trend is toward surveillance not service

Community thoughts about Desired Future State

  • Regular public info sessions
  • Force LinkNYC to abide by a privacy policy & code of ethics in order to keep contract
  • “Opt-out FAQ” for privacy from public infrastructure (sensore, LinkNYC, etc).
  • NYC Fiber Map: Where is the fiber?
  • The State of Infrastructure: Can there be a city resource [website?] that addresses this?
  • What are the benchmarks? How fast is fast?
  • Digital stewardship (story, stakes, actions)
    • Stories: How? Who? What is this about?
    • Stakes: Who are they going to sell to?
    • Actions: Who gets the data? How do I see where my data is going?
  • Opt out ability with LinkNYC
  • Transparency around contracts with use of plain language
  • More mesh networks