Electronic Court Case Record datasets for NY

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Hey everyone,

I’m Chris and I am a reporter for the Capital News Service, the University of Maryland’s non-profit news organization.

This semester we are working on a project examining why innocent people plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit.

To find cases of interest, we are searching for groups that have information about people that may have pleaded guilty but are innocent, or have scraped electronic case record management systems from different courts

We want database information on people from the time of arrest to the disposition of their case.

With the information, we’ll conduct analysis and investigate the hardline prosecution practices and social, racial and economic realities behind the plea phenomenon.

Our partner in the spring project is Injustice Watch, a nonprofit investigative reporting center based in Chicago. It is run by Pulitzer Prize winner Fredric Tulsky.

Our projects will eventually be aired and published through national news outlets, such as AP and the PBS Newshour.

Do you, or someone you know, have either datasets of court information? Can you refer me to groups in that may be able to provide that type of data?