Digital Homeless Youth Outreach Project

(Lindsey Lovel) #1

Hello! My name is Lindsey and I am currently writing my graduate thesis on direct digital outreach to homeless youth in NYC. I work for the Mayor’s Office of Digital Strategy however my time there is coming to an end very soon. Regarding my thesis project: my research shows that about 75% of homeless youth in NYC have cell phones, most of them smartphones (duh- it’s 2016). I am hoping to collaborate/brainstorm with some people about a couple of aspects of this project, like:

a) how might we go about finding the online habits of homeless youth? What twitter accounts do they follow? Where do they spend their time? So that we can tap into those networks to get social media messages to them
b) app development: there are several other cities that have sites or mobile apps for homeless populations to access resources. NYC is not one of them. (For a good example see I would love some help coming up with some design ideas about this.

I’m not a tech person but I do know that making resources for homeless youth using technology can save lives and improve the well being of many of these people. If anyone can connect me with, or would like to connect themselves, about the project, I would really love some help thinking through all of this. Thanks!