Develop a Department of Neighborhoods

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(The People's Roadmap Moderator) #1

Modeled after Seattle’s first iteration of Department of Neighborhoods, NYC’s Department of Neighborhoods would consolidate the City’s neighborhood and civic engagement initiatives under a new department whose mission is to engage, empower, and involve New Yorkers of all backgrounds, with particular focus on those in immigrant communities, in civic discourse, processes and opportunities in their city and local neighborhoods.

Built for the 21st century, the Department of Neighborhoods can be focused on using digital tools to (a) support and work with neighborhood-oriented organizations and activists; (b) track and publicly share participation levels in local institutions (such as community boards) among New York’s 59 community districts; and ©, support and share best practices and initiatives for grassroots-driven community building in the city.

With a more digitally-oriented approach, the Department of Neighborhoods can continue or add on to the work of the Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit and further institutionalize previously instituted initiatives such as One NYC One Nation, that have sought to involve a plurality of private and public actors for building higher levels of community participation.