Deficiencies in K-12 Education

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(The People's Roadmap Moderator) #1

Deficiencies in K-12 Education emerged as an Education and Lifelong Learning topic area at The People’s Roadmap Workshop – Brooklyn Edition (October 19, 2017). Use this thread to continue that discussion!

Community thoughts about Current State

  • Teaching all tied to the screens
  • Computer ‘skills’ of powerpoint and excel are taught in school, not coding.
  • Unevenly distributed digital resources within schools.
  • Non-standardized curriculum for digital education.
  • Tech literacy minimal if completely absent from K-12 requirements.
  • No civic education in schools

Community thoughts about Desired Future State

  • Standardize tech curriculum/graduation requirements with resources provided for completion/sufficient funding.
  • City policies on digital education in schools.
  • History of “internet” in K-12, aka digital revolution.
  • Validation of online source curricula (fake news education in Italy)
  • “Computer Class” should be abolished. Tech should be incorporated in all classes.
  • More teaching without the screen!