Database and API of Housing Data

(Ziggy) #1

Hey everyone,

I’ve created a downloadable database that combines many city datasets relating to housing. The datasets include: Pluto, Acris, Department of Building;s Jobs, HPD registrations & Violations, recent sales and more.

You might find that it can save you time doing research on housing by being able to easily obtain lots of essential data ready-to-go in a single sql database. On the GitHub page here – – you’ll find a link to download the latest database dump as well as instructions on how to create it yourself. I’ve been trying to ensure that the database can be reliably reproduced, and I’ll be uploading a new version with the latest data every month.

Additionally, there’s an API online where you can access all the information in the database. The documentation is a bit thin, but you can read up on the API here: I can’t make any promises right now about uptime and reliability, but it’s a free resource that you’re welcome to use.


(Resident Mario) #2

Looks awesome! Will keep this in mind for future projects.