Create "We the People of NYC," a petition tool for any elected representative

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Through 311, New York City has demonstrated the maximum value of constituent feedback. As mentioned above, a “We the People of NYC” would be a petitioning program that modernizes City Charter New York City Charter Section 1043(f). This pioneering section of the City Charter provides for public solicitation of an administrative decision for a hearing. While infrequently used and through a paper process, citizens can demand a public response. This practice needs to be adopted for the 21st Century and interpreted for digital action.

“We the People of NYC” would provide a new way to petition New York City government to take action on a range of important issues facing the city. Modeled after We the People, a federal open source website for the US President, the NYC version would similarly better allow citizens to coordinate efforts, create, and sign onto petitions. This empowering tool would give New Yorkers a modern and effective way to engage with issues that matter to them.

Petitions can be used to promote issues to:

  • The Mayor and Agencies
  • Public Advocate
  • Comptroller
  • Council Speaker
  • All Council Members