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Getting Started with Citygram: A Guide

What we Need

More Data Feeds

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Interface Overhaul

Don’t like the way it looks or works? Great point! Help us make it look more beautiful.

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Merging with CodeForAmerica branch

About Citygram

Citygram is a geographic notification platform designed to work with open government data. It allows residents to designate area(s) of a city they are interested in and subscribe to one or more topics. When an event for a desired topic occurs in the subscriber’s area of interest, a notification (email or SMS) is delivered. Citygram is a Code for America project by the Charlotte and Lexington teams for the 2014 fellowship. is a version of Citygram managed by BetaNYC using New York City open data.

How to post

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  • Additionally, the public can post without creating an account via

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