Connecting online!

This week, we’re introducing a number of DCAS / City staff members to this project. This topic is designed to outline our current “conversation” streams.


This message is part of the City Record Online workgroup. This is a general discussion forum on building a schema and building a parser. The best way to partisispate in this group is to visit workgroup’s main page. In the upper right, you should see your avatar. Beneath that, you can watching, tracking, regular or muted.

If you are an active participant, please select watching.


Slack is a realtime communications tool. If you have a,, email address, you can sign up securely at < > and join the #crow-aka-city-record project.


Currently, we are working on two repos:

  • Parsing - this is dedicated to the libraries that will parse the city record into its idealized schema.
  • Schema - this is the repo for the active and idealized schema.

You can contact @cds for more information on how to access these repos.