Complete set of available DOB Job Application filings

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It appears that this set is already available in limited sets in several places. You can get it from BISweb for any property:

Is available in monthly extracts on socrata:

WIth a weird disclaimer: “Prior weekly and monthly reports are archived at DOB and are not available on NYC Open Data.”

Lots of other sets - including ACRIS - are available in their entirety. It’s clear that this information is structured data because that is how BISweb displays it, and because we can get one month’s worth from socrata.

Has anyone found a source for a complete set of all jobs going back to when the information was entered in electronic format? It seems odd that this isn’t available anywhere already.

I’m happy to file a FOIL on it, but before I go that route I wanted to see if anyone had it… TIA!

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you can download them as excel files from the DOB’s website here:

if you click on a year under “2003 to 2014 Foil Monthly Reports” you can download an excel file for each month in that year.

at one point i had a project to parse and import all historic dob data, but i eventually abandoned it and just stuck to using the recent year or so available on nyc open data. i would be interested if you come up with a good solution to dealing with the historic data!


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This is very helpful! Probably I will just write a script to download all of them :slight_smile: