Closed Poll: Best Civic Hack / Best of Show

(Joel Natividad) #1
  • Am I Rent Stabilized
  • App for Bustime
  • Athena Civic Insights
  • City Record
  • CityGram
  • Homeward
  • Honda Civic Apps
  • Mapping Unplanned MTA Service Alerts
  • NYC Rent Stabilization Unit Counts
  • NYPD Data Comparisons

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(Joel Natividad) #2

Congrats to the Athena team! Athena is truly awesome! :slight_smile:

Looking at the, can Athena be extended to add more entity types?

Specifically, can it be used to navigate City Record data? In terms of hearings, procurement contracts, etc?

(Fatima ) #3

@jqnatividad maybe open issues on the github for your ideas! I’m sure John would be happy to discuss them with you :smile: