Class Issues within Tech

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(The People's Roadmap Moderator) #1

Class Issues within Tech emerged as an Education and Lifelong Learning topic area at The People’s Roadmap Workshop – Brooklyn Edition (October 19, 2017). Use this thread to continue that discussion!

Community thoughts about Current State

  • Macbook as defacto machinery is classist.
  • I don’t know… but I’m willing to start at Square 1 to learn and push forward.
  • Some NYC id benefits are short-lived.
  • Smartphone vs. Computer Access
  • Tech literacy is expensive (time, $)
  • Education is channeled via $$$ programs (either university or for-profit)

Community thoughts about Desired Future State

  • Fewer assumptions about starting point.
  • Responsive design for all NYC agency sites
  • NYC id could give better digital benefits, discounts on online courses, etc.
  • Public spaces such as libraries can provide on site devices/laptop lending programs
  • “Computer Checkout” for high school students.
  • Mobile first/friendly education
  • Programming is the new literacy