Brooklyn Foreclosure Sales PDFs

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(John Krauss) #1

This morning, I put together a scraper I’ve been meaning to for at least four years now.

The Kings County Supreme Court posts PDFs of this upcoming week’s foreclosure sales, but changes the page every week. AFAIK there is no way to go back in time to get the prior PDFs, which contain the address, remaining principal of the loan, owner of the note, and attorney info.

For the time being, I’m hosting the data here myself.

The code is all on GitHub, and you can try running it yourself. I run it every day in case they change files, but it’s smart enough to check headers and not save duplicate PDFs.

As I noted in the repo, there are a few things I’d love to see:

  • Some basic OCR on the PDFs, which are scans. There are a few keywords we could check for. It would be amazing to start throwing what we can pick up into a database.
  • Posting to!

These could both be wonderful CodeAcross projects. I’ve got something else on my plate for that event, but please do get in touch with me if you’re interested in taking either of those (or something else) on.

AFAIK, the other boroughs don’t post these foreclosure sale notices online. To be fair, I’ve only checked Manhattan though.

What project / problem are you looking to address?
(Joel Natividad) #2

Hi @talos!
I know pumping the data into the community portal is in your TODO, but I thought it best to catalog the data you have now in the community portal :slight_smile:

Feel free to modify the listing!

(John Krauss) #3

Thanks @jqnatividad! This is a great start.


Figured I would mention here for anyone who is interested:
Queens foreclosures:
Bronx foreclosures:

(John Krauss) #5

@terreck That’s awesome! I scanned around for a while on the court websites and wasn’t able to find anything besides Brooklyn. It looks like the Queens ones are estate sales/tax auctions rather than bank foreclosures, although I can’t say I’m terribly familiar with this stuff.

Also, it looks like your Bronx link got cut off!


@talos I am not familiar with it but many court related real estate auctions tend to be foreclosures. I don’t see how to clearly tell this on the site. I pulled the Bronx link last second because the site was not good.

(Andrew Nicklin) #7

In NYS law related to foreclosures, there appears to be a requirement that notices of foreclosure be published in newspapers for a period of time before the sale (read #2, about halfway down). It appears to dictate a slightly different procedure for cities over 1M population (which is only NYC). Another random tidbit: foreclosures from tax liens are also required to have public notice, usually in local newspapers.

I did a quick internet search and spotted a site that appears to aggregate notices published in newspapers around the state. Select Foreclosure-Sale from the Category dropdown, and you’ll see a lot of results. I tried searching for some of the boroughs and got inconsistent results - nothing for Bronx, but tons for Queens.

Anyway, perhaps another avenue for exploration. It’s likely there are also related NYC laws.

(Faisalnwz01) #8

I have created an app that lets you see what properties are being put on auction, currently only shows properties for Brooklyn, NYC. The name of the app is NYC Properties Auction

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