Blue Ridge Labs@Robin Hood hiring a Research & Design Lead

Blue Ridge Labs@Robin Hood is looking to bring on a talented research and design lead to support our program activities. If you’re an entrepreneurial community-builder with design expertise and a passion for improving the lives of low-income families, you can learn more and apply here.

Great candidates will:

  • Have a proven track record of building and engaging communities with a particular passion for getting lesser heard voices into the conversation about what problems are worth solving and how they should be attacked

  • Be highly entrepreneurial - a huge piece of this person’s role will be continuing to grow our Design Insight Group, which is both a research asset and an internal social enterprise

  • Like working in small, collaborative teams and is willing to take on new challenges and role

  • Ideally, have expertise in design practices & qualitative research techniques, and

  • Personal or professional experience engaging with underserved communities in New York City

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