Bleak maps of how cities look with only their bike lanes

(Frank Hebbert) #1

No NYC, but that should be easy to fix?

(And not to quibble, but “how hard it is” would actually be shown better by an accessibility analysis)

(Noel Hidalgo) #2

FYI - At the last DOT #OpenData forum, the DOT stated that they will released the 2015 bike shape file shortly.

(Chris Whong) #3

Here’s New York in the same style.[image: Inline image 1] Maybe they
didn’t like for the article because it doesn’t look that “hard to get
across”. :slight_smile:

(Noel Hidalgo) #4

@cwhong there is bike path from lower manhattan to staten island?!

also, what are all the little specks in queens and the bronx? are those parks?

(Frank Hebbert) #5

Here are some more bike network maps, with a nice browser that lets you hide some categories (e.g. the SI Ferry, which is classed as a “Link” in the NYC data).

(Clhenrick) #6

@noneck I believe those little specks might be links used for routing?

On a side note I’m currently helping @eric with creating a Map Roulette challenge in OpenStreetMap that will have users examine a diff between the new DOT / City data vs. what’s currently in OSM. We have been looking at the DOT data and there are lots of little segments such as these that are solely used for routing. I’m not sure why they would be so isolated, from what I understand they are used to connect bike routes. @colin_reilly would likely be able to clarify as well.

(Clhenrick) #7

Oh and @noneck the path from MN to SI is the ferry route, which I guess counts as a bike route? But I assume you were just being sarcastic :smile:

(bahij) #8

@noneck DOT committing to release their bike lane data is one great result of that forum. When I made that comment someone sitting close by let me know that bike lane vectors are also available from the DCP’s street data. They are aparently a layer or attribute on certain streets and this dataset is updated every 3 months, I haven’t gotten a chance to actually find this data yet though.

Pop Chart Lab also made a bike lane only map of NYC that you can buy prints of. I actually own this print, and I’m pretty sure the data is from 2013.

(Joel Natividad) #9

I think its Batman’s underwater tunnel to the Bat Cave :smiling_imp:

(Noel Hidalgo) #10

@bahijnyc this map cuts out Staten Island. :frowning:

@clhenrick “Map Roulette challenge in OpenStreetMap”?!?!

(Joel Natividad) #11

I agree that DOT committing to releasing the 2015 bike route shapefile is one great result of the Forum. It’s a shame they don’t really track revisions for most datasets in the DOT Data Portal.

As we wait for the 2015 shapefile, I went ahead and archived the 2013 shapefile on the Community Data Portal. Once the 2015 shapefile is out, I’ll update the viz below so we can see how the bike network has grown over time.


Nice pic Joel!

I wonder how hard would it be to staple the NJ data onto this? Does NJ have comparable data that is easy to access?

I know a lot of cyclists (myself included) who frequently ride over the GWB and towards Tappanzee… Would be interesting to see how Jersey City stacks up…

(Joel Natividad) #13

I have friends at OpenJC and will be sure to ask them next week during their next meetup :smile:

I know they’re starting up a bikeshare, and I’ve noticed the new bike lanes recently…