Attendee introductions!

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(Fatima ) #23

Hello everyone :smile:

My name’s Fatima. I’m a Civic Tech Fellow @Microsoft where we work on building roots in the civic tech community and building applications or services to help out. I’ll be working on the Athena project, a visualisation of connections in the civic tech space. I’m also in my final semester at NYU Engineering finishing up a BS in Computer Science (with a focus on game engineering).

I can’t wait to meet :sunny: and tweet :wink: at all of you at CodeAcross! :smiley:

(Gary Reynolds) #24

Hi I’m Gary. I am a data analyst at social policy research firm and am interested in using data and maps for public good. I have experience making maps (mostly with ArcGIS, but I’m learning to use open source tools like QGIS and Leaflet as well) and some basic experience with web design. I don’t have a group yet, but I’m looking forward to learning a lot and contributing however I can.

(Christian Tirol) #25

Hi all!

I’m new to the realm of Data Science and am looking forward to meeting fellow coders. I have a background in Economics and E-Commerce and am interested in consumer behavior. I finished General Assembly’s 11-week Data Science course in December where I started learning Python, and I recently finished my first simple sentiment analysis generator with NLTK.

I’m currently working on a number of simple apps that I would love to share, one of which measures user-happiness, and requires a lengthy process of user-input data. UX/UI is a large factor here, and I aim to learn more about this part of app development this weekend.

Check me out and let me know if you’d like to meet up. Looking forward to CodeAcross!

(Clhenrick) #26

Hey everyone,

My name is Chris and I’m currently finishing up the MFA Design and Technology program at Parsons, The New School For Design. My background is in open source GIS, Cartographic Design and Front End web dev. For my thesis I’m working on a web app that helps NYC residents learn if they might be rent stabilized and how to take action to protect themselves against illegal destabilization practices. The prototype can be viewed at

I’m also interested in working on visualizing and analysis of open data related to land use and housing such as the DOB Jobs permits, HPD violations and complaints, Air BnB data and the HCR rent stabilized building list.

Really looking forward to this weekend and meeting everyone!

(Avi Fox-Rosen) #27

I’m excited to read all of your intros!
My name is Avi - I’m a new dev, with experience in ruby + rails, js - angular, meteor, d3/c3.

@nitya - i’d be interested in contributing to a meteor package, if there is room on that team
@clhenrick - your project sounds awesome as well (as someone who recently dealt with an exploitative landlord in a non-stbilized property- i’d certainly use that map in the future)

and if anyone else is could use a jr dev on their team, i’d love to hear from you

my email:
frosenox [at]

(Jessica Peck) #28

Hi, I’m Jess. I’m a doctoral student in economics at CUNY GC, specializing in health and labor economics. I’m trying to up my skill level in python (pandas!), scraping, mapping, and storytelling with data. I have a vested interest in liberating data in pdf documents (I’m looking at you NYS DMV…).

Not a dev, but very enthusiastic and looking forward to contributing in any way I can!

jessicalynnpeck [at]

(Andrew Nicklin) #29

What information? How can I help? Have you seen DMV’s current open data offerings?


Hi all,

My background is consulting for large government agencies. I’m from Australia, but have also worked in London and now NYC. I’m fascinated by where this data driven revolution is leading.

I’m an avid biker around the City and rack up quite a lot mileage each year. NYC is such a great City to see by bike! On a separate track - I’m also v interested in new mobile apps for mindfulness.

I’m new to community based coding / hacking / problem solving groups but am very excited to get involved and meeting you all.

(Faigy Mayer) #31

HI! I’m Faigy, an iOS developer. I love to work with maps and I am working on a parking app, using the NYC Parking Regulations API, and also on an app called: The ex-Hasid’s Guide to NYC, which is for those leaving religions. I am hoping to get some projects pushed to Github this weekend!

(Volkan Unsal) #32

Hi friends,

My name is Volkan. I’m a product engineer. My work covers the territory between digital product direction and engineering on both web and mobile platforms. But I’m mainly interested in building fast, user-friendly, and delightful user interfaces and data visualizations using functionally reactive technologies –– i.e. React and the Elm programming language. I’m well-versed in web and mobile development, API development, and building things with maps. My personal interests and passions are programming languages, behavioral economics, open data, and volunteering. I’m looking for passionate collaborators who care a lot about the problems they are tackling.

Hope to meet all of you at CodeAcross!

(Jessica Peck) #33

That’s a fantastic list! Clearly I should go through that in the near term. My last conversation with the DMV foil office asking for DUI/DWAI citations made me feel sorry for the staff members who seemed to think fulfilling my request would involve hand-redacting thousands of citation tickets from various jurisdictions. There may have been some miscommunication there (on my part, probably), but it seemed like they could use some scrapers/parsers.


Hi Everyone,

My name is Rebecca and I am a developer in progress who previously dabbled in nonprofit fundraising. I have exposure to both back and front end (HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails.

Totally open to working on whatever project but my tendencies do tend to lean towards those that will “save the world”.

Looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow.


(Adrian Laurenzi) #36

Hi everyone! I am a developer at Socrata and will be supporting this event. We offer a cloud-based open data platform that hosts the NYC open data portal and other data portals for well over 100 government organizations worldwide. At Socrata I lead our work on Extract-Tranform-Load (ETL) tools and data integration to enable our customers to publish their data automatically to our platform. I’m super excited for this event and I will be holding a workshop on Saturday to teach about the SODA APIs.

Chugging SODA: How to maximize the SODA API

If you’re interested in learning how to take advantage of our Open Data APIs, please stop by! Bring your questions and let me know if there are specific things you’d like me to include in the session.

In the workshop I plan to cover:

  • Introduction to SODA APIs and developer resources
  • Simple to complex SQL-like queries on live datasets
  • Geospatial queries
  • API demos with awesome NYC datasets like 311 Service Requests
  • Discussion / Q & A

Session time: Saturday at 3 PM

I also plan on hosting a discussion on API design on Sunday. In the session we will examine, from a design perspective, the Socrata Open Data APIs (SODA) used not only for data consumption but also for data publishing (primarily used by our government customers). This will be a theoretical conversation about how to design effective APIs. We will mostly concern ourselves with RESTful web-based APIs because I know them best but it would be great to dive into other realms of APIs as well. Please join the conversation if it interests you!

(Joel Natividad) #37

Hi! I’m Joel, co-founder of Ontodia.

We helped setup and hosting

Open Data is not just Govt Data. You can contribute data too! If so, feel free to link or upload your high-value data to

I’ll be working on the City Record project this weekend, but if you have any questions about the community data portal, just find me!

If people are interested, I can also show you ETL tools you can use to feed the community portal. We just released our CartoDB integration, and next week, we’ll be releasing an OpenRefine CKAN connector. I can also show how to do real complex SQL queries, and doing data-driven maps in CartoDB.

(Nitya Narasimhan) #38

Hi @avifoxrosen – I had hoped to connect and work on this today but the bad weather forecast in these parts (I live in Hudson Valley) is going to make it impossible to commute there today. If you are still interested in working on the Meteor Open Data packages outside this event, do let me know and I’ll add you to the GitHub team where I am hoping to host the related repos/demos.

I have one example project there for now and hope to work on more this weekend.

(Mini Kim) #39

Hi everyone. My name is Mini Kim. I am a movement maker, user experience designer and data visualization lover.

In more details: I am a second year graduate student at School of Visual Arts studying Interaction Design (and will be graduating in month. Yay!) I have graphic design under my belt, but my strength and interest is in system design, service design, user experience design and data visualization. I learning about complicated content and then simplifying them through visualization.

In the future, I want to learn more user research, user testing research and coding in the future. I would love to help to include user in the making process.

Let me know if there is any project I can help out with (I can help after my thesis is done on 5/13). I won’t bite programmer and I enjoy working with them as long as they want to collaborate as well. Looking forward to meeting you all.

(Kawa T) #40

I’m Katrina, though a lot of people call me Kawa!

I’m here at my first Civic Hack Night here at Coalition for Queens, and it’s a wonderful and eye opening experience. I have a background in statistics and data science, and am interested in expanding my skills through projects in activism!