Attendee introductions!

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(Noel Hidalgo) #1

#Welcome and hello!!

I am Noel Hidalgo, the co-founder of BetaNYC. The other co-founders are YOU! Your needs and desires help shape the direction of BetaNYC. We are so excited to have you at Code Across NYC.

For this thread, we’re asking for participants to introduce themselves and what brings them to Code Across. If you have a project to represent or a problem / conversation to address, please share! URLS are welcome!

If you have an idea for an discussion, put it here.

Welcome to CodeAcross NYC 2015!
(Vikram Bodicherla) #2

Hi all, my name is Vikram Bodicherla. I am an Android lead with Yahoo and am interested in contributing in either an Android developer or a product/project manager role.

CodeAcross 2015 FAQ
(Volkan Unsal) #3

Hey Vikram! Have you worked with Scala? I have an Android Wear app that I’ve been toying with and I might be able to work on that at CodeAcross. It’s using MTA data.

(Nitya Narasimhan) #4

Hi all - I’m Nitya. My expertise is in mobile/web app development on diverse platforms. I’m interested in ideas/apps in the areas of education, public safety and healthcare and look forward to contributing here.

I also co-organize Google Developers New York and Meteor Hudson Valley – one of my goals/interests is to create Meteor packages for open data APIs or data sets, thereby enabling rapid prototyping of related ideas for both web apps and mobile app markets (using Meteor).

(Lee Hachadoorian) #5

I’m Lee Hachadoorian, professor of geography and GIS at Farmingdale State College. My research focuses on residential location, segregation, and spatial inequality. Research methods and tools include spatial databases (PostGIS, Spatialite), geovisualization, spatial analysis and spatial statistics (these last three primarily in QGIS and R). Much of my work involves Census (population) data, and combining data from incommesurate geographies.

In a blog post from a little over a year ago, I discuss how to use hexbinning to construct a map of NYPD stop-and-frisk stops.

(Vikram Bodicherla) #6

Hey Volkan, unfortunately no. I’ve never done any Scala, but I wouldn’t mind trying.

(Patrick Atwater) #7

Hey folks, I’m currently a grad student at CUSP and am running a few experiments you may be curious about at


(Angello Maggio) #8

Hello everyone!
The name is Angello Maggio, I’m a software developer and data scientist. My goal at CodeAcross is really just to have fun coding something cool; I like challenging and innovative projects, and it seems like this might be the place for it. I mainly do Python, but i also know javascript, Java, C++, R, C, and other languages. If you want to hear my ideas, brainstorm, or tell me some idea you have, please go ahead, I’m looking to find a team. Email is so contact me there or through here.
Looking forwards to meet everyone!

(Alexa Curtis) #9

Alexa Curtis here. I’m a director at Moment, a digital product design and strategy consultancy here in NYC. I’m looking forward to playing with a new batch of smart people for the weekend and trying out new ways of wrangling data for UI prototyping and data viz. Also, I’m always looking to connect with freelance devs or fulltime designers, researchers and strategists.

(Samantha Beech) #10

Hi! I’m Samantha Beech. I’m an interaction designer/UX-type person. I don’t have a team currently, and I’m wondering if it might be a bit late in the game to find one, but if anyone is interested in collaborating or has an idea they need to put a pretty UI/interaction flow on, I am here! You can reach me here or email me directly at

(Meghan Lazier) #11


I’m working on a small prototype to alert Access-A-Ride customers about their ride status (in case you’re not familiar, Access-A-Ride is door-to-door public transportation for the disabled in NYC. Riders face a lot of hurdles with the system, and oftentimes the elderly wait outside in freezing cold temperatures to avoid missing their ride).

The prototype is going to be either a web app, with an Uber-like interface, and created for real-time ride updates based on GPS coordinates (that said, this isn’t public data, so we’d need to use a placeholder data set), OR as an alternative, I’d also be open to creating an SMS alert system for ride updates, but I am not sure what the technical needs would be for this project.

I don’t know much about working with GPS coordinates, and would love to work with people who have experience in this area. I’m comfortable with the design of the prototypes, but am not sure how and when to integrate existing technology (including what the cost and scope would look like).

I should also mention that the larger goal of this project is to use my research and the prototypes to help make a case to the MTA to open up GPS data about Access-A-Ride so that technologists and designers can create tools to help improve the disabled community’s commute.

Would love to work with you this weekend!


(Alex Z) #13

Hi all! My name is Alex, I’m an urbanist, cyclist, and generally interested in maps. I’m attending because I’d like to re-teach myself GIS with all of this open data available. I was mapping in the times when saving over a file in a geodatabase was a costly problem indeed. Now I’m building my own on dropbox. Times change! It’s amazing how open it all is and what better way to dive in to see what’s possible than at an event like this.
I’d like to work on creating a geodatabase for my Business Improvement District, so we can easily map uses, zoning, and track commercial vacancies over time. As a transit advocate, I’d also like to map which communities will be hardest hit by the fare increase in order to promote discussion about equality of access to transit.
Greatly looking forward!

(sd) #14

Hi Lee (@leehach) – I will be interested in joining your team and learn from you. I am new to data-science, taking classes in it since December and so I won’t be able to contribute much but I’m always interested in anything related to Geography and Geology. So, I would love to talk to you and learn from you. Thank you

(Frankchen07) #15

Hey all,

I’m a Master’s candidate in public health at Columbia University. I’m a data analyst/data scientist interested in a project dealing with better data integration and police reporting in regards to motor vehicle accidents.

Looking forward to meeting new people, and seeing what other ideas are out there!

(Danielle Carrick) #16

Hi everyone,

I work in data visualization as an information designer. I’m excited to lend my insights on data viz best practices and contribute to some great ideas! I’m especially interested in exploring transit and public health.

(Brian Lam) #18

Hi everyone!

My name is Brian Lam and I am a UX/UI designer. Would love to work with whoever is tackling the privately owned public space data, or any project aimed at increasing appropriate usage of public spaces. Still learning the lay of the land on this forum and about the event so I apologize for not knowing who you are. If you see this let’s connect, my email is

Looking forward to the event!

(Matt Stempeck) #19

Hi friends. My name’s Matt Stempeck and I’m working on civic technology at Microsoft. Prior to that I’ve worked in journalism, activism, and at the MIT Media Lab. I’m going to be working on the Athena project to visualize connections in the civic tech space. I’m also generally looking forward to seeing all of the projects and meeting some new people. See you soon!

(John Krauss) #20

My name’s John Krauss. I’m a tech fellow at the GovLab @ NYU. I’ve written already about what I’d like to be working on, but essentially I’d like to work on tools to analyze NYC tax bills locked in PDFs.

(akil harris) #21

Hi yinz!

I’m Akil, I don’t have any project lined up for the weekend yet, but I’m excited to hack on something. I’ve got some web development experience, some open data, mapping and data vis experience as well. I helped out Chris and Ameen last year @codeacross with NYC Taxmap.

(Soudea) #22

Hi I’m Soudea. I’m taking classes in Pratt’s GIS & Design certificate. I have some experience working with Leaflet, CartoDB, jQuery, and d3.js. This is my first hackathon ever but I’m up for working with anyone who wants to do some mapping.