Aspiration Tech's "New York Community Technology Skillshare" on Monday July 11 - Tuesday July 12

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Hi folks. If you like civic tech, open source, activism and exceptionally organized unconference-style events, thenyou should 110% come to Aspiration’s “New York Community Technology Skillshare” on Monday-Tuesday at Judson near Washington Square Park.

Aspiration does these types of events for big tech orgs staff retreats (i.e. Code for America, Mozilla, etc) and once a year do them for their friends/community in the Bay Area. This is the first year they’re doing one for their NYC community. It’s going to be great, convenient and highly relevant to your work. Come and Enjoy!

Link here:

I can get folks involved with BetaNYC free tickets so let me know if you’re into that. :slight_smile: