App graphs Stop & Frisk data - suggestions for next steps?

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Hi, I’m working on a graphing tool for Stop & Frisk data. Still working on the presentation, but I’ve got a bare-bones version up with 2015 data (you can pick multiple filters) and pie graphs (the ‘sort by’ option):

I’d like to make it easily navigable and easy to compare across years and across other data in the set (e.g. compare numbers of stops of a certain type against all stops). Some suggestions I’ve gotten include stacked bar graphs and interactive tables. But I’d also like to present the data in its fullest form possible and have users interact with it and gain their own insights. If that can’t be done within the same app, I’m open to making several versions.

Does anyone with stats analysis and/or data viz experience have any pointers or suggestions on where to go from here?