Advance the digitization of business permits

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The process of doing business with the city should be as simple as possible and be online. Not only was the NYC Business Express the first step in simplifying the process, but it is an excellent example of cross-agency engagement and innovation. Over the next four years, business permits and authorizations should be digitized to lower the barriers of engagement. To accomplish this, a review of current “paper” permits and applications should be done within the first 180 days of the administration and scheduled for digitization. During that process, there should be listing sessions in all 5 boroughs, and the end schedule should be publicly posted with the ability for further feedback. Within the first two years of the administration, the City should have digitized 100% of paper workflows for small business permitting. In the meantime, tools like Code for America’s BizFriendly should be explored to simplify the permitting and application process.