About the City Record Online category

Welcome to City Record Online Workgroup (CROW)

This is a working group to scrape the New York City’s Record (City Record Online) and turn it into open data. This discussion group compliments the City’s GitHub repo.

As the City embarks on implementing Intro 363-2014 and unlocking its daily actions, we are building a public workgroup to unlock the decades of historical information and make it accessible to all, at no charge.

Our group’s goal is to disassemble digital copies of City Record and convert them into usable notifications, words, dates, and events. We want to make solicitation procurement notices and awards, public hearings, meetings, court notices, property dispositions, agency public hearings, agency rules, and changes in personnel into a powerful archive for all.

This project will start by building a vocabulary of terms, parse existing databases, and place it into an idealized schema. Facilitated by BetaNYC, we will turn these data into a first class collection of information that builds a smarter city. Through this process businesses, community groups, academics, and the public will learn how their City government works. This unique collaboration of government, industry, hackers, and advocates, illustrates that opening up data isn’t just about transparency but actually building smarter, more inclusive, and resilient governance.

##Post to the group

  • Create a talk.beta.nyc profile, and update your group subscription settings to watching.
  • Then you can email talk+CROW@beta.nyc and posts will appear here.
  • Alternatively, you can use the web interface.

BetaNYC is committed to making the City’s data easy to use. The City Record is the City’s change log. By making this data 21st century friendly, we will unlock access to every action the city takes.

##A safe place for all
BetaNYC is committed to hosting safe and open spaces for all. This is an open group who’s archives are available to the public. Also, there are members who working within NYC’s government. They are here to help improve our open data ecosystem. Please offer constructive feedback and criticism.

By participating in this space you are committing yourself to BetaNYC’s Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy. http://bit.ly/betanyc-coc