A call for open data stories / user needs

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(Noel Hidalgo) #1

For the past year, my team at BetaNYC has plowed through NYC’s open data and churned it into a useful dashboard and class!! WHOOHOO. Dashboards FTW!**

Now, BetaNYC is conducting research on how to make open data MORE useful to community boards / community groups. Ultimately, we will produce recommendations, an improved version of our epic open data curriculum, AND produce improvements to our community dashboard!

Can you spread the word and/or give us five mins to tell us your successes and/or data needs? https://beta.nyc/data_stories

Attached is a flyer to share with your communities and a few tweets/facebook language for your consideration.

=> Official, certified BetaNYC tweet — https://twitter.com/BetaNYC/status/1004392164263104512

=> Sample language:

NYC — @BetaNYC is conducting research to understand #opendata for community orgs. Ultimately, they will produce recommendations on how to make NYC information more useful! Can you give them five mins & tell them your successes and/or data needs? https://beta.nyc/data_stories

** If you’re interested in our community dashboard and community open data curriculum, check out BoardStat at https://beta.nyc/boardstat