9 to 11 Feb - 4th annual AMNH hackathon, "Hack the Deep"!

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(Mike Caprio) #1

The American Museum of Natural History is accepting applications for its 4th annual hackathon, “Hack the Deep!” Past participants have called it “the best hackathon EVER”… spend a night hacking at the museum working directly with curators and scientists, get a behind-the-scenes tour, and sleep beneath the blue whale! This year’s theme is oceans, with challenges posed by marine related departments in machine learning, computer vision, GIS, 3D modeling, game engine physics, and graphics processing. The event takes place Saturday, February 10th overnight until Sunday, February 11th, with a pre-event kickoff party on Friday, February 9th. We’re nearly full, so sign up now!

(Marco A) #2

HI All, I am new here. (My name is Marco :slight_smile: )

Somebody is going here? This event looks amazing