311Buddy - Map showing the last 30 days of 311 Data for anywhere in the city

(Chris Whong) #1


Hey party people, here’s a super-simple map app that shows the last 30 days of 311 data for the whole city with a chart showing breakdown by agency.

It’s something I have always wanted to build just for simple awareness of what’s going on on my block.

The URLs update when you move the map, so you can bookmark and link your view. The data is pumped in nightly (most of the time), so you should be able to come back to your view later and see the freshest data.

I have many TODOs, but would love feedback, comments, criticism, hate mail, etc. Open a github issue!


Oh yeah, I am starting work at the Department of City Planning next week, NBD.

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(Tim) #2

Looks great! I am still fairly new to mapping. I like the way it displays the data on the left. I was trying to do something similar, but i would like to fill the left pane as a result of clicking something on the map. Maybe you can take a look and give me some pointers.