18-20 Nov 2016 - Hack The Stacks - American Museum of Natural History

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Hey civic hackers! The annual hackathon at the AMNH is back for its third consecutive year, and we’d like to invite all of you to attend the “Hack The Stacks” challenge at the Museum Library. Once again the event will be an overnight hackathon (though there is no requirement to stay through the night), during the weekend of November 18-20, 2016.

Last year our hackers proclaimed Hack The Dinos “the best hackathon ever!” and the museum intends to deliver on that once again. We’ll have all kinds of delicious food, fun giveaways, fascinating behind-the-scenes tours - and you’ll get to spend the night beneath the dino fossils!

The challenge is a 24 hour solution-building event produced by AMNH’s BridgeUp: STEM, an educational initiative focused on the intersection of computer science and science with an after-school program for high school girls and underrepresented youth. We’d greatly appreciate you spreading the word about the event and the BridgeUp program to diverse communities and techies!

Hack The Stacks is special - it is not a hackathon where teams will mashup a couple of APIs or build trivial toy apps that never get used. It is a pro bono collaboration with the museum to advance open science and create open-source solutions to real problems faced by scientists and researchers. The museum is asking for your help to start building long-needed open-source tools and applications that will aid the AMNH research library division in their research and education, which could ultimately help other museums, libraries, and other institutions as well. The library’s challenges have been formulated to maximally benefit the biggest and most widely used open source projects for archiving and cataloging resources, and you’ll get to work with amazing datasets - like Darwin’s manuscripts!

Please feel free to distribute this URL for the online application: http://bit.ly/HackTheStacks

The application closes on November 7th, so don’t delay!

thank so much!

Mike Caprio