1 March - NYC Foster Care Data Challenge

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Authorea Foster Care Data Challenge

New York City’s foster care system has been working steadily to reduce the astounding influx of 50,000 children who were placed under its care in the early 1990’s. Currently, there are 11,000 children in New York City who need loving, dedicated foster parents to care for them. Yet, while they wait, they are living in shelters and hospitals because not enough qualified people are able to foster them in their homes.

Advances in technology have radically changed nearly every aspect of our lives, and yet, the foster care system is stuck in the dark ages. As an extension of the White House’s Foster Care Hackathon, Authorea, along with Data Challenge sponsor, Paxata, are looking for data science enthusiasts, designers, entrepreneurs, students, marketers, digital solutions architects, and product managers to help.

The goal is to design a digital solution that would help identify and on-board potential foster families in New York City. Families who can dedicate their time to helping a child in need, by providing a safe and secure home and the support the child needs to reach their full potential.

Click here for more challenge details and sign up for the information session on Wednesday, March 1st, 2017.

Thank you for your interest,
Adyam Ghebre