People's Roadmap

Leverage CUNY's Commons in a Box to Offer Websites to Every Public Schools [Education and Lifelong Learning] (1)
Create a Municipal Fiber Network [Accessible Infrastructure] (1)
Create "" for NYC agencies [Smarter Communities] (2)
Create more Cross-Agency Task Forces [Effective and Open Government] (1)
Create Digital Citizen User Testing and Education Groups [Smarter Communities] (1)
Set up a Smarter Communities Academy to give all communities data literacy [Smarter Communities] (1)
Create a one-stop shop for citizen information [Smarter Communities] (1)
Expand 360° Notify NYC to more platforms [Smarter Communities] (1)
Equip Community Boards with better tools [Smarter Communities] (1)
Expand Participatory Budgeting [Smarter Communities] (1)
Put the NYC Charter, Rules, and Code online [Smarter Communities] (1)
Publish records and files into human- and machine-readable formats [Smarter Communities] (1)
Develop a Department of Neighborhoods [Smarter Communities] (1)
Overhaul the City's technology agency, the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) & Chief Information & Innovation Officer [Effective and Open Government] (1)
Look to open source practices [Effective and Open Government] (1)
Create a Mayoral Innovation Fellows program [Effective and Open Government] (1)
Publish data in data standards [Effective and Open Government] (1)
Data standard - Open up restaurant inspection data for reuse with the LIVES standard [Effective and Open Government] (1)
Data standard - Expand the 311 system by implementing and growing the Open311 standard [Effective and Open Government] (1)
Data standard - Open up NYC's Maps [Effective and Open Government] (1)
Release government content under a Creative Commons license [Effective and Open Government] (1)
Ensure the success of NYC Schools' iZone [Education and Lifelong Learning] (1)
Digital Toolkits for Schools [Education and Lifelong Learning] (1)
Invest in a Municipal Mesh Network & Digital Stewards [Accessible Infrastructure] (1)
Run more Innovation, Civic, and Application Challenges [Industry, Employment, and Economic Mobility] (1)
Publish the City Record Online in more useful ways [Industry, Employment, and Economic Mobility] (1)
Advance the digitization of business permits [Industry, Employment, and Economic Mobility] (1)
Cheaper and better software projects by improved procurement [Industry, Employment, and Economic Mobility] (1)
Maximize the City's Investment in Made in NY Startups [Industry, Employment, and Economic Mobility] (1)