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Revisiting what Effective and Open Government means in 2018 (4)
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Evolve NYC Digital and empower the Chief Digital Officer (1)
Expand Code Corps to be NYC's premier civic hacker community (1)
Expand the Mayor's Office of Data Analytics (1)
Updated Freedom of Information Law policy: "One strike and you are in" (1)
Improve tracking for Freedom of Information Law requests (1)
Create "We the People of NYC," a petition tool for any elected representative (1)
A Page for Every Capital Project (1)
Develop an "Open 211" System (1)
Create more Cross-Agency Task Forces (1)
Overhaul the City's technology agency, the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) & Chief Information & Innovation Officer (1)
Look to open source practices (1)
Create a Mayoral Innovation Fellows program (1)
Data standard - Open up restaurant inspection data for reuse with the LIVES standard (1)
Data standard - Expand the 311 system by implementing and growing the Open311 standard (1)
Data standard - Open up NYC's Maps (1)
Release government content under a Creative Commons license (1)