People's Roadmap

Other In the <a href="">People’s Roadmap to a Digital New York City</a>, you will find values and recommendations formulated by people of New York, for the people of New York, for the 21st Century. Please add your ideas on how to improve New York City and help our government become a better platform for justice, equality, and innovation, and truly be a government for the people, by the people, in the 21st Century. Smarter Communities We need your ideas to improve smarter communities programs. Accessible Infrastructure We need your ideas on how to improve NYC’s communication infrastructure. Education and Lifelong Learning We need your ideas to improve education and lifelong learning programs. Effective and Open Government We need your ideas to improve effective and open government programs. Industry, Employment, and Economic Mobility We need your ideas to improve industry, employment, and <a href="">economic mobility</a>.
About the People's Roadmap [People's Roadmap] (1)
Access to Information for All Abilities [Accessible Infrastructure] (1)
Tech Infrastructure [Accessible Infrastructure] (1)
Physical Infrastructure [Accessible Infrastructure] (2)
Publish data in data standards [Effective and Open Government] (3)
Tools/Trainings [Effective and Open Government] (1)
Sharing Data and Activities [Effective and Open Government] (1)
Government Initiatives [Effective and Open Government] (1)
Revisiting what Effective and Open Government means in 2018 [Effective and Open Government] (4)
Uncategorized: Industry, Employment, and Economic Mobility [Industry, Employment, and Economic Mobility] (2)
Representation in Tech [Industry, Employment, and Economic Mobility] (1)
Economic Participation [Industry, Employment, and Economic Mobility] (1)
Navigation of Resources [Industry, Employment, and Economic Mobility] (1)
Access to Industry Information / Jobs [Industry, Employment, and Economic Mobility] (2)
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Community Education [Smarter Communities] (1)
Iterative Approach [Smarter Communities] (1)
User Research [Smarter Communities] (1)
Community Facilitation [Smarter Communities] (1)
Participation [Smarter Communities] (1)
Resources [Smarter Communities] (1)
Accountability [Smarter Communities] (1)
Community Access [Smarter Communities] (1)
Revisiting what Smarter Communities means in 2018 [Smarter Communities] (3)
Data Inconsistency [Effective and Open Government] (1)
Equality [Effective and Open Government] (1)
Freedom of Information [Effective and Open Government] (1)
Algorithm Transparency [Effective and Open Government] (1)
Bad contracts [Effective and Open Government] (1)
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